The best Universal Odds Feed Converter for betting. Fast and consistant.

InnHub is the first feed converter that processes data in real time in the format and way the bookmaker has selected.

The purpose of InnHub is to act as a container in which merge all the integrations of the suppliers to be implemented only once and make them available for all customer applications.

InnHub automatically associates or divides the matches and offers them to the customer in the way they prefer.

Try a different and better way of understanding sports betting management.

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Universal Odds Feed Converter

Product available in a short time

Money saved for downtimes

No Integration required

Always updated with market

Forget the time of integration

With InnHub you can forget about integration times. You can start your business immediately.

All you need is just a tool that allows you to manage all your sports activities during your daily life.

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The top European Betting agencies have chosen Innprojekt as a partner


Years of experience gained within the best European betting agencies have allowed us to understand the real needs of the betting sector. Today the best sports betting Companies in Italy and Europe use our advanced software solutions to manage their daily activities.

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