InnPlay gives you the excitement and adrenaline of real-time betting

With this sports betting tool you can choose and adapt all this to any type of event

With InnPlay you can manage sports bets in real time with ease. The wide range of different bets for each event will allow you to expand your market and provide your audience with many reasons to play.

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All-in-one with possibility of comparison

Multiple management of events and adaptability to every feed

Control of competitors and possibility of choosing the variables you think are best

Full control of each event in manual/automatic mode

Different device management (tablet)

With InnPlay you can view multiple Live on the same screen

Forget the multitude of screens that have so far proved necessary for your trading room.

InnPlay gives you the ability to view all the information you need on the same screen.

The manual or automatic mode also allows you to always be updated on the odds for each match, check the competitors and set the variables that you consider best.

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The top European Betting agencies have chosen Innprojekt as a partner



Years of experience gained within the best European betting agencies have allowed us to understand the real needs of the betting sector. Today the best sports betting Companies in Italy and Europe use our advanced software solutions to manage their daily activities.

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