Bet on every type of race, even in real time

InnRaces allows you to bet on any type of sport, from skiing to athletic races, from cycling races to motorsports.

With InnRaces, real-time data and monitoring of competitors allow the bookmaker to be competitive and in line with the market. The live betting mode also allows you to vary and manage the odds even after the race has started.

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Market easy building

Live and Pre-match of all races

Possibility to vary and manage the odds even after the race has started

Real time data and monitoring of competitors

The top European Betting agencies have chosen Innprojekt as a partner



Years of experience gained within the best European betting agencies have allowed us to understand the real needs of the betting sector. Today the best sports betting Companies in Italy and Europe use our advanced software solutions to manage their daily activities.

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The first customizable live software with more than one algorithm for each sport

Manage the purchase of live events from multiple providers directly from a single platform

Best odds management tool for Pre-match and Live races

The new fronted frontier, fully adaptable for web and totems